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Chernobyl Express

Last night, 6/6, at around 12:00 PM GMT-6 the server crashed and went offline till I was able to re-start it this morning. The crashed deleted players inventories for an unknown reason. The cause of the crash has been fixed, but the inventories are still missing; even after multiple backups. Please PM me whatever you lost and I will be sure you get the items back. Your buildings/chest should be unaffected.

Sorry for the inconvenience
For anyone who is interested I bought the Founder pack for Dauntless meaning I will be making a guild when it comes around. If you are interested in joining please make a response below, if you don't know what dauntless is check out https://playdauntless.com/ it doesn't cost anything (dauntless is free!). I'm looking to make a large and active guild full of friendly people who just hangout and hunt Behemoths!
Hey guys we've launched out FTB Infinity Evolved server! It's currently whitelisted and we're accepting players now!

This server is a NO ban list server. ALL items are allowed, but abuse of items can and WILL result in loss of those items or a ban if deemed fit.

Feel free to start a whitelist application HERE
Hey everyone Dad here I just want to say welcome to the community. If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me a message or one of the staff members. Also if you have any suggestions to make the community better please let us know. If you think there is a server that would be a good one for us to host tell us we are always open to ideas and please have fun and enjoy your time in the community.
We're back at it! Servers are up and running!

Current servers include:
  • ARK
  • 7 Days To Die
  • Terraria
  • CSGO
We're desperately in need of ACTIVE admins who are willing to help us grow our player base! Please message me if you're interested in being an Admin for one of our servers!